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Sean Blenkinsop: Wild pedagogies

… or … what skills outdoor/environmental/nature-based/place-based educators have to offer education in a changing world?

This talk will explore three key pedagogical strands that exist in outdoor/environmental education: the relational, the critical, and the existential.  The focus will be on what they are, what they do well, and how they might be extended and even challenged.  Then using the frame of the six touchstones for Wild Pedagogies I hope to make a careful list of the pedagogical offerings outdoor and environmental educators might make to the larger world, including public education, in the hopes of supporting the changes that must occur.

Sean Blenkinsop is a Professor of Education at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. He grew up in the boreal forests of northern Canada and has more than 30 years of background in outdoor, environmental, and experiential education. Now, as a researcher and educator he has been involved in starting and researching three nature-based, place-based, eco-schools (all in the public system). He is the author of more than one hundred articles and chapters, editor of The Imagination in Education (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2009), and most recently, author and editor of Wild Pedagogies: Touchstones for renegotiating education and the environment in the Anthropocene (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2018).

Comment talk:  Arja Kaasinen (Helsingin yliopisto) & Kai Lehtonen (Humak)

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