Preparing for the corona virus situation

This is the organizer newsletter for the Ulos-Ut-Out event, where inform of our preparations for the corona virus epidemic.

The event has gained huge popularity, with over 350 attendance signups! The event preparations are in full swing. We have decided to hold on to the important goals and results set for the event. Currently we are discussing how this can be achieved in practice: we are monitoring the epidemic, following official instructions and panning out our options. If organizing the event in its current scope is not possible in June 2020, we will set a new event date and inform the attendants during April.

Signups to the event are still ongoing, and you can safely do so:

  • If you have already signed up, your attendance is still confirmed in all possible date changes. We will let you know if the situation changes.
  • If you are thinking of signing up for the event, you may do it for the inexpensive early bird price and ensure your place in the workshops.
  • If the date of the event changes and the new date is not suitable for you, you may cancel your attendance (within a separate deadline date set when we inform of the change) and receive your attendance fee back.
  • If there are workshop cancellations (due to a change of date), we will organize program that will assuredly be of high quality to replace the cancelled program items.
  • The event organizers are not responsible for travel and accommodation arrangements, so remember to change/cancel your tickets and hotel bookings if you need to do so! Sokos Hotel Bomba and the Hyvärilä youth center have informed of a free booking alteration policy in this situation. Contact the accommodation well in advance!

So, our promise holds: Ulos-Ut-Out is a meeting hotspot for hundreds of teachers and educational professionals, where we search for paths to a sustainable future together. The focus of the arrangements is to ensure a high-quality, safe event where in addition to new information and skills, the participants are offered unique nature experiences and the opportunity to accomplish things together. Together we can get through anything and create the Ulos-Ut-Out event!